Monday, January 26, 2009

America has no better friend than India.

Posted in response to the Press Release by the US President.

Yes Mr.Barack Hussain Obama . In a bipolar world of Allied and Non Allied countries in the world America has no better friend than India who has over the last 6 decades influenced the globe with an impeccable diplomatic history.

The biggest threat to the world today is the raise of Islamic fundamentalism. There is no better friend to America today than the most plural and tolerant states like India.

Sure NATO folks are your natural allies. But sooner you make a visit to India and experience India first hand and cement a strong bilateral socio economic and political partnership the better it is for America to raise a platform of unbiased global political stage.

In the Clintons we have great friends and if at all the Bush administration did some good, it must be the foundation of strong partnership they laid with India during their last term.

This requires fluid continuity. Nuclear partnership is a good first step. Next steps in collaboration should be healthcare. An issue faced at to disparate levels in both countries. Aside IT professional India will also have the largest pool of medical and biotech professionals.

And importantly, do more than mere lip service and posturing in cracking the perpetrators of terror emanating from Pakistan. Countries like India and France have a key to arrest the tide of Islamic Fundamentalism. Its time the US took a leaf from our cook books to manage a plural and tolerant society.

For US to collaborate in Asia to leverage the new emerging economic architecture and maintain peace in the region , India will be the strategic equal partner and reliable spring board with outposts in Japan and China to fan out scope in influence.

Lastly you would want to get your wonderful family Milia , Sasha and Michelle Obama to India to visit the Taj and the many glorious parts of India.




India has no better friend than US: Obama

Press Trust Of India

Washington: Asserting that Indians have "no better friend and partner" than the American people, President Barack Obama said their "shared values" enable the two countries meet any challenge, particularly from those who "use violence to try to undermine our free and open societies".

Extending "warmest greetings" to the Indian people on the occasion of the 60th Republic Day, the new President said "together, we celebrate our shared belief in democracy, liberty, pluralism and religious tolerance."

"As the Indian people celebrate Republic Day all across India, they should know that they have no better friend and partner than the people of the United States," he said in a special message.

Obama, who calls India a natural ally of the US and seeks inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, said: "It is our shared values that form the bedrock of a robust relationship across peoples and governments.

"Those values and ideals provide the strength that enables us to meet any challenge, particularly from those who use violence to try to undermine our free and open societies," he said.

Referring to the growing Indo-US bonhomie, Obama said the two nations have built broad and vibrant partnerships in every field of human endeavour.

"Our rapidly growing and deepening friendship with India offers benefits to all the world's citizens as our scientists solve environmental challenges together, our doctors discover new medicines, our engineers advance our societies, our entrepreneurs generate prosperity, our educators lay the foundation for our future generations, and our governments work together to advance peace, prosperity, and stability around the globe."

The President also wished a "quick recovery" to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has undergone a successful coronary artery by-pass surgery.

Obama referred to the friendship between the people of the two countries and said "It is in that spirit, that I also wish Prime Minister Singh a quick recovery."

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