Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Economic Powercenters

The time magazine some time back ran a cover story with a catchy title called Ny_Lon_Kong. The summary was that of how important these three cities were at being power centers energising global economy.

I could agree that this was an American publication and hence they may have a bias.

The economic power centers have long moved away from be controlled by the financial districts at the super cities of New York, London and Honkong.

Today it the Shanghai,Mumbai,Moscow,Berlin,Paris,Singapore,Sydney,Sau Paulo and the several cities in the oil rich middle east driving the economies of the world in many ways seeding the growth engines for the world tomorrow.

Alternative thinking of the worlds power centers could be the countries consuming the products and services. Though the Americas and the European countries may be leading in consumptions the sheer pace of consumer spends in the Indian Subcontinent, ASEAN countries , Brazil and Russia and China is far grater than the growth in US and Europe.

My thoughts have a bias from the fact that the world is gravitating to being a pluralistic entity. The worry is are the erst while superpowers willing to let go the staus quo which once served their purpose of prosperity.

More than the above the capital which will play a huge role in the world tomorrow is that of "Culture Currency" with out these obviously the globalisation agenda is hallow.

Shared Wealth , Share Power and Well Being for all is the way forward. I am looking to build consensus on the above points. The dialogue is beginning to gain traction at many forums..this is one such effort to contribute to the cause

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